Tahe Sports 7&
Tahe Sports 7&
Tahe Sports 7&

Tahe Sports 7'10" Meteor Soft Top / 75 Litros

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Tabla 7'10" Meteor "Skin tec"  Tahe Sports

The METEOR offers all-round performance, exceptional glide, and effortless take-off, making it an ideal choice for riders of all levels, from beginners to intermediates. Whether you're looking to advance your skills or simply seeking maximum fun, you'll find the meteor to be a perfect fit.

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75 L

High-density cellular foam fusion-formed and molded in France. The foam slabs come out of the mold in a fully-finished shape, generating no waste during production. Durable, lightweight, water-resistant and 100% recyclable.

The wooden stringers are integrated inside the hybrid foam slab. They give extra rigidity whilst retaining flex. The textured surface offers an unrivaled feel and finish.

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