Neoprene Rib Rocket
Neoprene Rib Rocket

Neoprene Rib Rocket

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The Rib Rocket is designed in California and has strategically placed PVC foam padding sewn into areas where the ribs come in contact with the board during prone paddling. The padding is just enough to soften the impact where cartilage bone meets board and glass. We found that more surfers have been suffering rib pain because of the new EPS epoxy boards that are much harder than traditional fiberglass resins. Rib Rocket addresses these problems and offers a comfortable solution for everyone who suffers from rib pain.

The Rib Rocket features a 2mm neoprene front panel with sewn-in PVC padding for comfort and stability and a Lycra back for a fine fit and cooler material for warmer climates. Also, a short loop board connects the garment to trunks to prevent ride up and a side draw string to snug the garment around the waist. Additionally, it provides 50+ UV protection from the sun.

The Rib Rocket now comes in 4 styles: The Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Black Vest with gray logo , and the Rib Rocket Short Sleeve Lycra/Neoprene in Black/Slate , the Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest, and the Rib Rocket Long Sleeve Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest . Their tropic white back and pale gray front will reflect the heat of the sun to protect your skin and keep you cool, while still providing the same rib support as the black vest. In colder conditions, it slips over a wetsuit and makes you more visible to other surfers on overcast days--pure rib pleasure for the tropics and beyond with the added benefit of long sleeves to keep the heat of the sun at bay in UV 50+ Lycra.


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